Emanuel’s Pledge to “Tell It Like It Is” Campaign Started with a Big Fat Lie

Emanuel’s Announcement Omitted Key Information About His Past

Rahm Emanuel’s announcement that he is running for mayor revealed how much of a dishonest candidate and politician he truly is. It’s not what Emanuel said that makes him dishonest, it’s what he didn’t say. The Emanuel for mayor website highlights his important jobs and accomplishments. But, nowhere in Emanuel’s video or bio does Emanuel speak about the one job he held that will most resemble his duties and responsibilities as mayor of Chicago.

Emanuel previously worked as a senior advisor to Mayor Daley. When Emanuel announced his candidacy, why did Emanuel fail to say he served as a senior aide to Mayor Daley? The failure to discuss his former high-level position in the mayor’s office should make the public very wary of Emanuel. If voters can’t trust Emanuel to disclose his previous job as a mayoral adviser when he announces his candidacy for mayor, how can anyone trust Emanuel once he is in office? If Emanuel submitted his resume for a CEO job, his resume would surely have included his previous position as a senior adviser to the CEO he sought to replace.

For centuries tradespeople were trained through apprenticeships, a system that is still in use today. Blacksmiths, carpenters, plumbers, etc. learn their trade by working side by side with the masters of their crafts. In politics, many current public office holders once served as staff members to elected representatives to gain experience before they won their own elections. Because a senior adviser to Mayor Daley entails being associated with corruption, budget shortfall, rising taxes, declining services, the parking meter lease deal, and a failed Olympic bid, Emanuel did not disclose his one position that brought him closet to the job as mayor of Chicago. Emanuel’s deliberate omission about him serving as a senior adviser to Mayor Daley is a red flag and a harbinger of what we can expect from Emanuel.

Emanuel Can’t Fulfill his Promise “To Tell It Like It Is”

If Rahm Emanuel followed the “To Tell It Like It Is” philosophy as he promised, Emanuel will end up in jail, not as mayor of Chicago. Emanuel has direct connections to people who were sent to prison for illegally contributing and campaigning on his behalf. Until Emanuel fully discloses his involvement in Chicago corruption, we can’t trust him to tell it like it is.

Former Assistant Deputy Water Department Commissioner Donald Tomczak plead guilty to bribery and testified at the Robert Sorich trial that his patronage group of 150 to 220 workers illegally campaigned for Emanuel when Emanuel was first elected to Congress. Candidate Emanuel, please be straight with us, who in your campaign asked Donald Tomczak and his unlawful army of campaign workers to campaign on your behalf? Rahm, tell us like it is, who in your campaign office assigned Tomczak’s patronage workers to canvass your congressional district prior to your election? Candidate Emanuel, the public wants to know who in your campaign office assigned Tomczak’s patronage workers to polling places on election day? Rahm, which of your campaign workers unlawfully received city jobs, promotions, overtime pay, etc. for campaigning on your behalf?

Emanuel must also come clean on the Hired Truck campaign contributions that he accepted. When Tomczak plead guilty to accepting bribes from Hired Truck companies, Tomczak also admitted he steered $300,000.00 in campaign contributions from Hired Truck companies to politicians. One of those politicians who received Hired Truck campaign contributions is Rahm Emanuel. It is no coincidence that Tomczak was the same man who both solicited illegal campaign contributions for Emanuel and supplied Emanuel with unlawful campaign workers for his congressional campaign. The people of Chicago want to know the truth, just like you want Chicagoans to tell you the truth. Mr. “wanna be” mayor, tell is like it is, who in your congressional campaign office solicited campaign contributions from the City of Chicago’s Hired Truck companies? Since Donald Tomczak unlawfully supplied you with campaign workers and contributions, candidate Emanuel, please tell us how often you spoke with Donald Tomczak and what you discussed prior to Tomczak and his unlawful political group elected you to Congress.

Emanuel’s Contrived Announcement and Campaign

Rahm Emanuel taping his announcement for mayor in the privacy of a studio was a contrived public relations trick. Emanuel deliberately said he is running for mayor through a website video so he didn’t have to face tough questions from reporters. By announcing his candidacy on the web, Emanuel avoided reporters’ questions about his Hired Truck campaign contributions, the illicit campaign workers who elected him to Congress, and the Daley administration job rigging scheme that occurred down the hall from Emanuel while he served as a Daley senior aide.

Rahm Emanuel learned to restrict reporters’ access to him from his mentor Mayor Daley and from his good friend, media maven David Axelrod. Throughout Daley’s 21 years as mayor, Daley has used carefully scripted mini press conferences to keep reporters at bay (See How Daley Controls the Media). After Daley reads a prepared speech to the media, Daley answers very few if any reporters questions. If reporters ask challenging questions, Daley ends his mini press conferences. Because Mayor Daley limits reporters’ ability to interview him, there are so many unanswered questions about the Hired Truck scandal, the job rigging scheme, and the Shakman violations. Like Daley, Emanuel will limit reporters’ inquiries on the campaign trail and will continue to do so if elected. Daley restricting access and information is a primary reason why there has been so much corruption in the Daley administration. If elected, Emanuel will use Daley’s public relations tactics to govern more as a dictator than a mayor who was elected to represent the people of Chicago. You either stop Emauel from becoming mayor now, or once elected Emanuel will continue to manipulate the media to expand his political power at the cost of yours.