Chicago Has Always Been Ready for Reform

The Most Infamous Chicago Quote

On the night Richard J. Daley, the current mayor’s father, won his first-term as mayor in 1955, Alderman Paddy Bauler (1890-1977) danced the Irish jig and shouted, “Chicago ain’t ready for reform yet.”

Since 1970, on average, about one Chicago alderman per year has been convicted of corruption. Hence, it’s no surprise that it was an alderman who was elated when Chicago elected a mayor who opposed reform. A non-reform Chicago mayor is good business for the aldermen who support him or her. Here we are 55 years after Bauler’s infamous statement, and we still have a Daley as a mayor who opposes reform.

When Bauler said “Chicago ain’t ready for reform yet” he was speaking for himself and his corrupt political allies, not for the honest citizens of Chicago. Unfortunately, reform has to be approved by politicians like Bauler and Daley who automatically block any changes that threaten their political power. Chicago has never had a significant opportunity for political reform because politicians like Mayor Richard M. Daley and Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan stop it from happening.

Politicians, such as Daley and Madigan, who must sign off on reform are the ones who created the need for reform in the first place. The chances of them supporting real reforms are nil. Yet each additional day Daley and Madigan are in control of government, the more our need for reform grows. The good citizens of Chicago have always embraced reform; it’s politicians like Daley and Madigan who are afraid of it.

We need to clean house and elect people who are truly willing to reform Chicago and Illinois’ political systems. Jay Stone understands Chicago’s political history and its corrupt political system. Support Stone and you’ll see reforms that will last for generations and make you proud of Chicago politics.