There are so many issues given the unparalleled amount of corruption in Richard M. Daley’s 21 years in office. First, Jay wants to make sure your right to vote and right to choose Chicago’s chief executive officer is protected. In six previous elections, Daley has used unlawful patronage workers and shady campaign contributions to get himself elected.  The federal court has assigned a monitor to watch Daley and stop him from unlawfully using city employees again to campaign on his behalf.

Jay has proposed a ban of campaign contributions from individuals and companies who have business with the city. Jay’s ban on cozy campaign contributions is on top of the campaign contribution laws that he proposed in his March 5, 2009 Illinois Reform Commission testimony. The campaign contribution limits that Jay initiated become effective on January 1, 2011.

Jay is a strong believer that political competition leads to good government. Currently, the ballot access for mayor of Chicago is 10 to 25 times higher than that of the other top nine largest U.S. cities. Jay is calling on Governor Pat Quinn to impose reasonable ballot access to insure that the names of all qualified candidates are able to appear on the ballot.

Jay calls “Chicago and Illinois the Armpit of American Politics” for a reason. City of Chicago scandals have spread to Cook County and state governments. Since Chicago is the epicenter of corruption, cleaning up our county and state governments has to start in Chicago. Jay maintains political competition is the most effective way to remove unworthy politicians from office and change a system that is fraught with corruption.

In the “Chicago Has Always Ready for Reform” article, Jay gives a new interpretation of Paddy Bauler’s most famous quote. Bauler was an alderman whose words don’t reflect the majority of Chicago residents. Politicians like Bauler  and Daley created the need for reform, and they are also the ones who have made of living preventing it.