Hillary Clinton Cheated on Her Husband Bill

Hillary Violating Bill’s 1996 Electronic Freedom of Information Act is the Reason Why 70% of Voters Don’t Trust Her
We are all aware of former President BIll Clinton cheating on Hillary with a stream of mistresses. But, cheating has many different forms. Most people don’t realize Hillary also cheated on Bill. I am not claiming Hillary engaged in sexual relationships with other people while married like Bill did. However, Hillary was caught cheating on one of Bill’s hallmark pieces of legislation.

On Oct. 2, 1996, then President Bill Clinton extended the original 1966 FOIA Act to cover all electronic government records:

Since 1966, the world has changed a great deal. Records are no longer principally maintained in paper format. Now, they are maintained in a variety of technologies…. The legislation I sign today brings FOIA into the information and electronic age by clarifying that it applies to records maintained in electronic format.

Thanks to Hillary’s husband Bill, the electronic government information that passed through Hillary Clinton’s 13 mobile devices, including 11 blackberry phones; 5 IPads; and multiple servers inside the Clinton home while she was Secretary of State were subject to the Electronic Freedom of Information Act. Hillary didn’t violate just any federal act. Hillary’s concealment and destruction of government information on her servers, mobile devices, and iPads were violations of the Electronic Freedom of Information Act that her husband and former president signed into law.

Hillary admitted to FBI agents that she knew, “her use of a personal device, e-mail account, and server did not negate her obligation to preserve federal records” (Click here for FBI report, Part 1 and see first sentence on page 11). Given Hillary’s statement to FBI agents, Hillary was fully aware she was breaking Bill’s Electronic Freedom of Information Act at the time she was violating it.

Cheating is defined as “to break a rule or law usually to gain advantage at something.” Hillary cheated on Bill because Hillary broke Bill’s Electronic Freedom of Information Act by setting up secret and elaborate systems to hide government information that pertained to her work as Secretary of State. In the next section I explain the advantages Hillary sought by keeping her Secretary of State emails private in violation of Bill’s Electronic Freedom of Information Act.

Secretary Hillary Clinton Disobeyed a Direct Order from Her Boss, President Barack Obama

One of Barack Obama’s first acts as president was to strengthen the Freedom of Information Act. Note how Obama binds together democracy, accountability, and transparency, and open government in his statement below.

A democracy requires accountability, and accountability requires transparency. … In our democracy, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which encourages accountability through transparency, is the most prominent expression of a profound national commitment to ensuring an open Government.

President Obama also said public officials should not keep information confidential to protect themselves from errors, failures, or embarrassing disclosures. It’s too bad Secretary Clinton did not put into practice the following message Obama sent to her.

In the face of doubt, openness prevails. The Government should not keep information confidential merely because public officials might be embarrassed by disclosure, because errors and failures might be revealed, or because of speculative or abstract fears. Nondisclosure should never be based on an effort to protect the personal interests of Government officials at the expense of those they are supposed to serve.

Several things about Obama’s memo are striking. Hillary Clinton used her personal servers and mobile devices to deliberately conceal government information and to avoid transparency. Hillary keeping public information secret contradicted the statements and goals in Obama’s memo to her and her aides. If Obama is committed to democracy through transparency, and accountability, why has Obama failed to criticize Hillary Clinton? Obama’s memo makes it appear that he supports his new Freedom of information Act version above all else, but his silence on Clinton’s email scandal says something quite different.

Clinton was non-transparent with her 33,000 emails because she did not want to be held accountable for her failures or mistakes that she made while serving as Secretary of State. Clinton using her private servers and mobiles devices while she was Secretary of State was her attempt to gain unfair advantages over future presidential opponents. Clinton concealing and destroying her emails dimmed the chances of her opponents holding her accountable for the decisions she made as Secretary of State. Since Clinton starting using her private servers and mobile devices from the first day as Secretary of State, clearly Clinton acted out of fear of being held accountable through public information—something Obama cautioned against in the memo he sent to Clinton and her aides.

Secretary Hillary Clinton Disobeyed Her Own Directive

Obama’s memo said he directed the Attorney General to issue new FOIA guidelines to reflect his goal of a more open, transparent, and accountable government (Click preceding link and see paragraph 5). Once the Attorney General completed the new FOIA guidelines, they were sent to agency and department heads per Obama’s executive order. It was up to each agency or department head, including Secretary Clinton, to inform the individual government employee of the new FOIA guidelines.

The Department of State’s Chief FOIA Officer’s 2010 Annual Report is where we actually see the baton passed from President Obama to the Attorney General to Secretary Hillary Clinton and to each State Department employee. Below is an excerpt from the State Department’s Annual FOIA Report (Click preceding link and view top of page 3):

Steps Taken to Apply the Presumption of Openness.

1. Description

The Secretary of State sent a Department Notice to all employees worldwide notifying them of the President’s memos, and calling on every employee to meet the challenge of informing the public and protecting information in a way that fulfills the President’s strong commitment to transparency.

Copies of the President’s and the Attorney General’s memoranda were posted on the Department’s intranet, where they are readily available to employees worldwide.

In the above quote it’s quite ironic that Clinton is the Secretary of State who sent the department’s notice that informed all State Department employees of the new, more open government FOIA guidelines. At the same time Clinton was asking 70,000 State Department employees to protect government documents, Clinton was concealing and destroying government information. It’s hypocritical of Clinton to ignore both the old and new FOIA guidelines, while she asks her subordinates to provide and protect State Department information to meet the President’s commitment to transparency and open government.

Clinton told the FBI she began sending and receiving emails from the private server in her home the same month she was sworn in as Secretary of State (Click here for FBI report, Part 1 and see second paragraph on page 3).  This means Clinton was already concealing information from the public when she received Obama’s FOIA memos and the Attorney General’s new FOIA guidelines. While Clinton was concealing State Department information on her private server and violating her own directive, Clinton sent her official FOIA Notice of transparency, accountability, and open government to all 70,000 State Department employees. Clinton ordering 70,000 State Department employees to obey the new FOIA guidelines is indisputable proof that Clinton knew she was violating FOIA during her entire Secretary of State tenure.

One question remains. Should American voters cast their vote for a candidate who has done the following:

  • Knowingly violated one of the most revered and used federal acts that her husband signed into law no less
  • Deliberately disobeyed President Obama’s direct order of preserving and providing government information
  • Purposely undermined transparency, accountability, and democracy for four years

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