Election Chairman Neal’s Income Tax Returns

The financial information from Chairman Neal’s tax returns and the tax returns themselves have been removed because of a court order on October 15, 2012.

Documentation of Neal and His Wife’s White House Visit

Chairman Neal and his wife went to the White House nine days before Neal ruled in favor of President Obama’s former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, who had left his job with the president 90 days earlier. The fact that Election Chairman Neal went to the White House while he was in the midst of deciding the Emanuel residency case makes it appear that President Obama influenced Neal’s decision on behalf of Emanuel. Under the circumstances, Neal should have recused himself from making a decision on the Rahm Emanuel residency case.

For the specifics of Neal and his wife’s White House visit, click Election Chairman Neal’ and Wife’s White House Visit for a PDF file. If you want to view the details of Chairman Neal and his wife’s White House visit on the White House Visitor website, click here. Note that the initial White House invitations to Election Chairman Neal and his wife came directly from President Obama, aka “Potus.”

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