Election Chairman Neal Gets $101 Million in No-Bid Contracts

Chicago Board of Elections Chairman Langdon Neal’s minority status and political connections allowed his law firm to receive an exorbitant amount of money through no-bid City of Chicago contracts. But the real reason mayors Richard M. Daley and now Rahm Emanuel opened up the taxpayers’ vault to Neal is because Neal, as Chairman of the Chicago Board of Elections, could ensure election day victories for the mayors and their political allies. When Chairman Neal put Emanuel on the 2011 ballot, Neal knew Emanuel would win and extend the continuous stream of taxpayers’ money from no-bid contracts that Neal was used to.

The amount of money each City of Chicago department or agency paid Chairman Neal’s law firm is listed in the table below. Click on the department or agency listed to view the payments in detail.

Agency or Department

Amount Paid to   Neal ‘s Law Firm

Chicago Board of Education


Chicago City Colleges


Aviation Department


Chicago Transportation Department


Chicago Housing Authority


Chicago Park District


Chicagp Public Building Commission


Chicago Transit Authority


Department of Finance


Department of Housing and Economic Development


Department of Law


Illinois International Port District


Illinois Medical District


Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (Ledger A and Ledger B)


Total No-Bid Contracts Paid to Neal’s Law Firm


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