Clinton’s FOIA Notice to 70,000 State Department Employees Proves She is a Liar and Hypocrite

Secretary Hillary Clinton Ordered Her State Department Employees to Protect and Provide Government Information at the Same Time She was Concealing and Destroying Her Emails

Secretary Hillary Clinton gave all 70,000 State Department employees official “Notice” about how to handle State Department information in a memo dated March, 16, 2009. The title of Clinton’s Notice is, “Message from the Secretary on FOIA.” It is impossible to understate the significance of Clinton’s State Department’s FOIA Notice. Clinton and the State Department have been sued over 30 times for alleged FOIA violations. Many of these lawsuits are still active in federal court today. As many as 25 FBI agents investigated Clinton’s emails, private servers, iPads, and mobile devices because Clinton did not want anybody to use FOIA to read the information contained in her emails. The FOIA lawsuits and the FBI’s investigation of Clinton would never have happened if Clinton followed the “open government and transparency” policies that she espoused in her FOIA memo. To view Clinton’s March 16, 2009 State Department Notice, click here.

Clinton wrote, “As a Department, we should respond to requests in a timely manner, resolve doubts in favor of openness, and not withhold information based on speculative or abstract fears.” Instead of favoring openness as she proclaimed in her memo, Clinton deliberately set up closed communication systems for the purpose of withholding information. Clinton’s official FOIA Notice also said, “Preserving the record of our deliberations, decisions, and actions will be at the foundation of our efforts to promote openness.” Rather than preserving records of her deliberations, decisions, and actions as Clinton instructed her subordinates to do, Clinton concealed and destroyed her records in violation of the policies that she spelled out for her underlings in her FOIA Notice.

President Obama sent his FOIA directive to Secretary Clinton on January 20, 2009, nearly two months before Clinton distributed her State Department Notice. According to the FBI’s Clinton Investigation Report, Hillary Clinton started using a email address in January, 2009. The FBI does not provide a specific January date of when Clinton started using her private server. If Clinton started sending and receiving emails on her private server before she received Obama’s FOIA Notice, the question is, Why did Clinton continue to use her private email system after she received Obama’s open government and transparency order? Clinton should have ceased and desisted her closed communication system upon the receipt of Obama’s FOIA orders. If Clinton started sending and receiving emails on her private server after she received Obama’s FOIA Notice, the question is, “Why did Clinton set up closed communication systems in violation of the president’s open government and transparency order? Clinton’s receipt of Obama’s FOIA Notice should have immediately dispelled any notion of her setting up a private email system.

There is no doubt Clinton was using her closed emails and mobile devices when she implored her State Department employees to “resolve doubts in favor of openness.” Clinton is a hypocrite because Clinton’s words of open and transparent government in her public FOIA notice contradicted the purpose of her private communication systems. While Clinton publicly promoted open and transparent government, privately she was doing the opposite. Hillary Clinton is a liar because every one of Clinton’s 33,000 emails on her private server and mobile devices were part of her master plan to deceive the American public. Hillary Clinton wanted to control what people knew about her record as Secretary of State. Clinton set up her closed email system and mobile devices out of fear of what her emails would reveal about her State Department deliberations and actions.

Clinton is Using Minimization and Rationalization to Defend the Indefensible

Clinton used 13 mobile devices, including 11 blackberry phones; 5 IPads; and multiple servers inside her private residence to prevent the public from reading the contents of her State Department emails. Clinton disobeyed President Obama’s direct order for open and transparent government. She violated the FOIA policies that she established for her State Department employees. Clinton directed her staff and people she hired to physically destroy as many as 11 cellphones and iPad hardware devices with a hammer. After the Inspector General and FBI began their Clinton investigations, the law firm Clinton hired deliberately deleted and scrubbed many of her emails to the point the FBI  could no longer recover her emails. Clinton repeatedly misled the public when she said over and over again that there was no classified information on her private servers or mobile devices. Clinton downplayed eight years of extensive misconduct and public deception with one four-word sentence: “I made a mistake.”

If Clinton wants people to believe and trust her, she has to admit to each and every mistake she made. If Clinton sent or received only a handful of State Department emails on her private servers or mobile devices, maybe that would classify as a mistake. Clinton can’t say I made a mistake after years of deception and expect people to move on. From the inception of the Clinton email scandal, everything Clinton did was premeditated. If Clinton wants people to forgive her, she needs to explain her motives behind her closed communication systems.

Clinton needs to answer questions like, “Did you know it was a mistake when you set up and used your original private server in January, 2009? Did you know it was a mistake when you set up your second, third, and fourth private servers at your home? Why was it a mistake to use your private servers to send and receive 33,000 government emails? Did you make a mistake when you disobeyed President Obama’s open and transparent government order? Why was it a mistake when you failed to heed your protect and provide government information Notice that you sent to all 70,000 State Department employees? Did you make a mistake when your ordered your staff to destroy your mobile devices with a hammer? What was your mistake in asking your law firm to delete and scrub your emails?

When Clinton says, “I made a mistake” she is admitting to one mistake. Concealing and destroying 33,000 emails on a private server is not one mistake, it’s 33,000 mistakes! Clinton calling what she did a mistake is a gross understatement. Setting up closed communication systems to conceal 33,000 State Department emails and steal the government’s intellectual property for four years is not a mistake, it’s a criminal conspiracy.

Politicians like Clinton love to use psychological defenses for their political defenses. Clinton characterizing her misconduct as a “mistake” is what psychologists call minimization. Clinton calling the concealment and destruction of 33,000 emails a mistake is downplaying the significance of her email scandal’s four year length of time and the severity of her misconduct. Nearly half of American voters will never trust or respect anything she does. The ease in which Clinton uses minimization and rationalization to justify the 33,000 emails that she concealed or destroyed should raise concerns about her mental health and her ability to serve as president.

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