Civil Rights

When Barrack Obama was a U.S. Senator in 2007, he endorsed Richard M. Daley for Mayor.  Obama  acknowledged the scandals in the Daley’s administration when he gave Daley his blessings. During Daley’s tenure as Cook County State’s Attorney and Mayor of Chicago, five major civil rights scandals have occurred under Daley’s leadership. President Obama has been strong advocate for respecting the civil rights of Arizona immigrants. In the City of Chicago and State of Illinois, millions of people have had their civil rights violated multiple times, either through one of the three police department scandals, or as a result of the Daley administration rigging job interviews and elections.

When President Obama endorsed Daley for mayor in 2007, it guaranteed Daley’s reelection.  Now we want President Obama to stand up for the civil rights of the people of Chicago and Illinois. We are asking President Obama to repudiate and recant his 2007 endorsement of Mayor Daley. If President Obama’s endorsement sealed Daley’s victory in 2007, then President Obama’s criticism of Daley can secure his loss. Daley’s civil rights record makes him unfit and unworthy to serve as mayor.

Your right to vote is a guaranteed civil right. Your right to vote in a fair and competitive election is not. Politicians like Mayor Daley have been manipulating campaign financing, ethics, and election laws to gain an unfair advantage over their political competitors. Something must be done to make sure that when you vote, you are voting in a fair and competitive election.

Since President Obama took office, he has been reform minded. So far the Obama administration has sought health care, finance, and immigration reform. However, the Obama administration has yet to tackle the most important reform: civil rights and election reform.

The patriots who founded our country gave us the right to vote as a means to protect ourselves from our own government.  Civil rights and election reform is the one reform that gives the citizens the power to voice their approval or disapproval of all the other reforms.

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