Wag the Dog Obama and Emanuel Style

Phony Library Crises Created to Give Emanuel Good Publicity in African American Neighborhoods

Wag the Dog is a movie that exposes how politicians deceive voters. Two weeks before a presidential election, a political spin doctor, who is played by Robert De Niro, creates a serious of emergencies to distract the public from the truth and increase his candidate’s approval ratings. As with the Wag the Dog movie, less than one month before voters start casting early ballots for mayor, the Obama-Emanuel team are manipulating voters with false doubts about Chicago’s bid for Obama’s presidential library. The concerns about Chicago’s bid is an excuse for Emanuel to meet with African-Americans in their neighborhoods. The two public meetings about the Obama library are veiled campaign appearances in communities where Emanuel has the least support. For every person who attends Emanuel’s public farce, thousand more will learn of Emanuel’ s so-called good deeds through extremely positive Internet, print, radio, and TV coverage. Emanuel will suddenly became a hero for bringing the Obama library to Chicago’s Southside.

The Chicago Tribune editorial headline read, “Will Mayor Rahm Emanuel Rescue Chicago’s Bid for Obama Library?” Tribune editorial writers are peddling Emanuel’s public relations bunk. First, the Obama-Emanuel public relations team created an emergency for Chicago’s Obama library bid when there is none. Second, Emanuel will appear to have rescued Chicago’s Obama library bid when in fact the bid was never in any danger. This crises didn’t happen while Emanuel was on his extended trip. Instead the crises waited until Emanuel returned from his Chile vacation and after he went into full campaign mode.

Emanuel is polling the lowest with African American voters for good reason. Without public input and debate, Emanuel closed 50 public schools, with most school closings occurring in African American neighborhoods. African Americans have legitimate concerns about crime and public safety. Barrack Obama was their state senator and U.S senator. Obama will forever lay claim to America’s first African American president. He and his wife Michelle walked and worked the streets where union workers will construct the Obama library.

President Barrack Obama is the best politician to persuade Chicago African American voters to support Rahm Emanuel’s reelection bid. The only problem is Obama can’t or won’t openly support Emanuel. In the 2007 mayor’s race, U.S. Senator Obama endorsed Mayor Richard M. Daley for reelection. Obama’s endorsement brought tears to Dorothy Brown who was the strongest African American candidate for mayor at the time. In the 2011 race for mayor, President Obama did not endorse or campaign for his former Chief of Staff. Instead Obama allowed Emanuel to use photos and videos which implied Emanuel had the backing of Obama. Rather than risk the wrath of the African American community for supporting Emanuel’s reelection, Obama is allowing Emanuel to use the presidential library for Emanuel’s political gain. As with the Benghazi attack, Obama and Emanuel are manipulating facts in order to deceive the media and voters.

I feel sorry for other cities who bid for the Obama library in earnest. They never stood a chance. Chicago politicians do not hold an election or public debate unless the outcome has already been decided in their favor. The purpose of asking other cities to pursue an Obama library is to bid up the price. The recent faux Obama library crises is as genuine as the emergencies in the Wag the Dog movie. Out of fear of losing the Obama library, Mayor Rahm Emanuel rides to the rescue and asks Chicago taxpayers to cough up more money and more land for his close political ally. Emanuel picking up votes for saving the Obama library bid when no rescue was needed is the true Chicago story.